Charcoal & Digital

Hogwarts - Rising from the Ashes

This intricate cross section depicts a typical day at post-war Hogwarts.

I spent 7 months drawing, re-reading the books, rewatching the movies, and scouring the Harry Potter Wiki to pack in as many details as possible.

This version (not to mention the freebie) exists because of the amazing support and encouragement fromr/harrypotter.


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My Favorite Bits

01. Headmistress` Office

Headmistress McGonagall flanked by portraits of Snape, Dumbledore, and other previous headmasters.

02. 7th floor swamp

Peeves visiting the 7th floor swamp. He says it's to feed the gator, but I think it's to visit the portrait of Fred and George, his favorite students

03. Room of Requirement

This is where I'd like to think all post-war students go to learn to cast their patronus.

04. 2nd Floor Girl's Bathroom

Here we have an adult Draco Malfoy visiting Moaning Myrtle, the one person he felt he could talk to as a student.