Art And Illustrations by Lance Snider
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Hogwarts - Rising from the Ashes
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This version (not to mention the freebie) exists because of the amazing support and encouragement from r/harrypotter
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Q: How long did this take you!? 

7 months for the charcoal drawing, then another month to color it... Then another month fretting about what I should do with it. :D
Q: When does this scene take place?
This scene takes place during McGonagall's tenure as Headmistress during the post-war, rebuilding years.
Q: What are your favorite details?
I don't want to give too much away. It's way too fun finding things for yourself, but I do have a couple I'm extra proud of:
The 7th floor swamp. Peeves says he's only there to feed the alligator, but I think he likes to visit Fred and George's painting.
Malfoy visiting Myrtle. I'd like to think they stayed friends.